Build Value, Boost Sales…


Have you ever wondered why you buy some things at a higher cost when similar things are available in the market at lower cost ?

You knew about it. Still you don’t complain. In fact, you enjoy using it and go out recommending it to others as well. You bought the value out of the product or service which are connected with you.

The person who sold you was competent enough to understand your value driver and match it with the value proposition of his/her offering. And, these Sales people will never struggle to meet their sales target.

If you want to be a Super Sales person, you need to master these 3 things.

  1. How to identify the consumer’s Value Driver ?
  2. How to create Value Statement ?
  3. How to make Value Proposition ?
    Then, you don’t need to chase numbers. You’ll command it !

Author: Dr Ajay Shrivastav, Founder & CEO, Anexion Transformation