Why Anexion

Anexion works with adults in Leadership roles. Adults can’t be taught. And, training largely relates to animal husbandry. 

Therefore, unlike traditional training, Anexion helps participants transform which is achieved through the following differentiators.

Fully customized learning intervention Every individual as well as organization has different sets of opportunities and challenges. Therefore, the learning intervention cannot be the same for different organization / group of people. Anexion recognizes and respects the uniqueness, and, accordingly, does not encourage standard content. Before any intervention, the training needs are assessed and desired outcome is arrived at. Accordingly, the intervention is customized – both in terms of content and facilitation.

Domain Expert Facilitators

As per Hindu mythology, even after intense training by Guru Vashishtha, Lord Rama had to go to Vishwamitrafor learning before becoming king. Because, only a King can impart someone the competency required to be a King. Accordingly, Anexiondeploys facilitators who carry rich and relevant professional experience besides being certified to conduct the program.

Impact Assessment and Demonstration

Training is an investment of time and money. Anexion is sensitive towards the investment and is committed to assess and demonstrate the impact. Right from the beginning, the impact factor is built into the content development as well as program facilitation. Post program, the impact is assessed and demonstrated as given below.
Stakeholder Impact Analysis
Sponsor (e.g HR Deptt) ROE (Return on Expectation)
Participants Level 1 and 2 (Reaction and Learning)
Business / Function Heads Level 3 and 4 (Job Application and Business Result)