Build Value, Boost Sales…

Have you ever wondered why you buy some things at a higher cost when similar things are available in the market at lower cost ? You knew about it. Still you don’t complain. In fact, you enjoy using it and go out recommending it to others as well. You bought the value out of the […]

Survival through Intangibles

The market is being opened up. There is rush to produce, sell and get the business back on track……as fast as possible. Most of the economic stimuli are meant to drive production, very few drive demands. We are heading towards a situation of the Demand lagging far behind the Supply. This will give birth to […]

SLIM 21 – Prepare to Fight Back…

The economy is getting opened up amidst innumerable views and counter views. The business leaders have in past faced and successfully handled various crises, recession, change management etc. But the current situation is totally different. The Covid 19 has attacked the whole world and simultaneously caused 2 damages – Economic Disaster and Emotional Turbulence. The […]

Making Appraisal Discussion Productive….

Performance Appraisal “Feed-Forward” The Context As the performance appraisal season arrives, most managers take it as a drill – Drag your direct reports into a conference room for a one to one, hand them an official looking document, and then start in with the same, tired conversation, Say some positive things about the employee and then […]